Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Love-Last Love! (To be continued)

All these drawings come from my 11x15 cm sketchbook.
The first love might be the last one. Have you ever thought so? It doesn't mean, you'll never be in love again, but you might never love someone unconditionally like you used to do...

"Two months after we broke up, he called me late at night just to say, he missed the walks with...MY DOG by the riverside."
(Base on a true story about love, which I heard from my boyfriend)

"He didn't welcome sudden visits at his dorm. One day I did it regardless and KNEW WHY. My way back home was filled with the scent of flowers of love from someone's garden. Since then I hated roses."

"Before he went abroad, we had promised to keep in touch by phone. I CRAZILY WAITED for a call from him. My cell phone never rang."

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