Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It seems that most of grown-up persons don't throw away stuffed animals from their childhood.
I know some students who moved out from their parents' house and brought their beloved teddy bears with them, because the teddy bears are not only toys, but also their first friends and we're not supposed to leave our friends behind. 
A.I. is my favorite Steven Spielberg's movie and Teddy- the robotic teddy bear- is the role I love in the movie. The scene, in which Teddy sewed up his fur by himself, impressed me deeply. I wondered, if he became lonely, since no human beings took care of him. It's sad to see a teddy bear being abandoned. 
This is a tribute to all of my old stuffed animals which were left behind, since I left my country.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Carnival is over!

The Carnival with parades and costume balls in Germany takes place on Rose Monday in February every year. Since I went to Germany to study, I haven't taken part in.
February is a hard month for students here. The university semester comes to the end and all students face tests or seminar papers and very often, both of them. Celebrating the Carnival seems to be a luxury that an international student cannot afford.
However, I like this event, which German people call "the fifth season". Having four seasons to enjoy themselves is obviously not enough. German people still need another occasion to have more fun. I remember a newspaper article telling that Germany is the world's most unfunny country. The cultural sense of humor is always different, isn't it?
In my opinion, the fact that they created "the fifth season" makes them very amusing people. :))
Now the Carnival is over. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Little Girl

This is a small drawing in size of a postcard done last night, after I had dinner with two friends of mine.
Currently, I cannot cook and wash dishes at home, since the waste water pump is broken and the stove doesn't work. (They share the same electrical safety system. As long as the pump is still not repaired, the stove will remain cold.) Eating out is now the best and the only choice.
The last two weeks seemed like the coldest time ever. It's fortunately getting warmer now and made me long for the fist plum blossom of this year, which should appear before my birthday at the end of March.
I simply call this drawing "A Little Girl", since no better ideas for a name passed through my mind.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Moon rabbits- A doodle

At the moment I am too busy to draw anything new. It's sad. Not be able to create a new picture doesn't make me feel like myself at all. Tomorrow is the Valentine's day and I'm going to do a test at the university.
I made this doodle to kill boring time in class two months ago and later forgot, in which spiral-bound notepad I made it. However I'm strongly persuaded, that it would show up again at some time or another. It really did.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Flora's new scarf

Although it's still cold, spring items are arranged in shopping malls. I bought a scarf with butterfly print yesterday. It inspired me to create this drawing.
Flora is a lovely name for girls. It always reminds me of the goddess of Spring in Botticelli's painting "Primavera". Although Venus stands at the center of  painting, Flora attracts me more. The dress she wears is just gorgeous.
My Flora is covered by different flowers, such as snowdrop, cosmos, camellia, rose, pansy, checkered lily, poppy, mistletoe, coneflowers, etc. Colorful butterflies are flying around her slim, young neck, as if they were a scarf of hers.

Friday, February 3, 2012


One of my Christmas presents was a Polaroid 300 Instant Camera . I've been addicted to it. Since it's great to be able to make photos again as it used to be in the good old days. Each picture is unique and will be cherished.
This is a small drawing that I created with pen to use as the profile picture for my facebook.