Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Carnival is over!

The Carnival with parades and costume balls in Germany takes place on Rose Monday in February every year. Since I went to Germany to study, I haven't taken part in.
February is a hard month for students here. The university semester comes to the end and all students face tests or seminar papers and very often, both of them. Celebrating the Carnival seems to be a luxury that an international student cannot afford.
However, I like this event, which German people call "the fifth season". Having four seasons to enjoy themselves is obviously not enough. German people still need another occasion to have more fun. I remember a newspaper article telling that Germany is the world's most unfunny country. The cultural sense of humor is always different, isn't it?
In my opinion, the fact that they created "the fifth season" makes them very amusing people. :))
Now the Carnival is over. 

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