Sunday, January 29, 2012

Macarons for N.

Macarons are tiny and  have lovely colors. That's maybe the reason why they caught my interest, since I don't have any sweet tooth. Actually, they are tasty. However, I won't eat more than four macarons at once. It will be too sweet for me to stand. I can hardly tell the distinction between a biscuit and a cream cake. All right, they're sweet, and that's all.
N. is just a fictive person. His role in this small watercolour painting is to excite your curiousity. I hope, N. has done his job well.
Last week, I, strangely enough, bought me a book to learn how to bake macarons at home. (I'm kind of being obsessed with making tiny and cute things by hands.) Wait and see my first try! Since I won't be able to eat all my baked goods, I can pack some of them in such small, clear bags tagged "macarons for..." and give them to friends.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


This is my first drawing of the year 2012, made with ink and watercolor.
A Waldgeist in German is a woodland spirit, which is believed to live in the forest and protect living things with a pure soul. 
I hope, next time when I take a walk in the forest near my place, I could encounter a waldgeist. It might bring me good luck for the whole year. :)