Sunday, January 29, 2012

Macarons for N.

Macarons are tiny and  have lovely colors. That's maybe the reason why they caught my interest, since I don't have any sweet tooth. Actually, they are tasty. However, I won't eat more than four macarons at once. It will be too sweet for me to stand. I can hardly tell the distinction between a biscuit and a cream cake. All right, they're sweet, and that's all.
N. is just a fictive person. His role in this small watercolour painting is to excite your curiousity. I hope, N. has done his job well.
Last week, I, strangely enough, bought me a book to learn how to bake macarons at home. (I'm kind of being obsessed with making tiny and cute things by hands.) Wait and see my first try! Since I won't be able to eat all my baked goods, I can pack some of them in such small, clear bags tagged "macarons for..." and give them to friends.

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