Friday, February 18, 2011

Moleskine Japanese Album- The story of Four Seasons- Winter

I started my story of four seasons with winter, because it's the season in which I have least interest. I'm a person who will eat and do things I don't like first and let good things for later.
I first saw a Moleskine japanese Album several weeks ago and came up with an idea of creating a sequence of pictures related to each other, telling a simple story.

Notes: I'm not an English native speaker. If you find grammatic mistakes in my sentences, please contact me, so I can correct them.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Totoro postcards

Spring is coming. Daytime is longer. February is cruel, because it's short, full of cebrating atmosphere ( Chinese Lunar New Year, Valentine's Day and Carnivals) and also hard exams at the university.
I deadly want to draw something new, but don't have time. Therefore, I've continued digging up some old stuffs. At this time, these are some Totoro postcards I drew last year.

Front and back views of the postcard Tanpopo (Dandelion)

 Front and back views of the postcard Tori no su (Bird's nest)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I drew this one in the last summer. At the moment, I have to learn for a lot of coming exams and don't have much time to draw. Hmm...Why don't dig up some old stuffs? :P
In this sketch:
Pachycereus; Opuntia rufida; Echinocactus grusonii; Lithops aucampiae; Euphorbia milii