Friday, February 18, 2011

Moleskine Japanese Album- The story of Four Seasons- Winter

I started my story of four seasons with winter, because it's the season in which I have least interest. I'm a person who will eat and do things I don't like first and let good things for later.
I first saw a Moleskine japanese Album several weeks ago and came up with an idea of creating a sequence of pictures related to each other, telling a simple story.

Notes: I'm not an English native speaker. If you find grammatic mistakes in my sentences, please contact me, so I can correct them.


  1. These are really fun! And the only glaring grammatical error was that it should be "gained a lot of weight" (there might be other ways of saying some of the sentences, but in some ways that may be more of a style thing). Good stuff!

  2. Thank you, Sam!
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. LOVE UR BLOG!!!, full of imagination
    and ur illustrations very cute, hug and kisses from melbourne

  4. Thank you, designani! I'm a fan of your blog :D

  5. Just looked at all your entrys. I love your journal, especially the travel pages. Which part of Germany are you studying? I'm from Hamburg :)

  6. Thank you, kischa!
    I'm studying children's literature and linguistics at the university Frankfurt. That's why, comments in German are welcomed :D