Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For you, Veronica...

I drew this picture for you, my beloved Veronica.
I never drew for someone before. Sometimes I really wanted to create something special for my friends. I never did it well. My head was empty. My fingers didn't want to move as they should do. The result was always a failure. You see, I cannot draw on purpose. But you're the first person, who I drew for. I heard your joke, that you accidently swallowed an orange seed and wondered if the seed would sprou
t and turn into a big tree. It impressed me so deeply, that I decided to create a picture of this story.

"I swallowed an orange seed several months ago. My brown hair suddenly turned red and I felt warm in my stomach, gently warm. The human language started to sound strange, so I listened more often to the wind and all plants in my garden. Oddly, I understood all their silent words clearly. How beautiful they are! The warmth of the sun, the eternal blue of the sky, the nice smell of the earth, they are flowing in my veins. I know this day will come. It is not the seed, but I, who is turning into an orange tree."