Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sketches in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

 I'm going to Amsterdam to visit the Van Gogh museum. How deeply I'm now in love with Vincent!

This time, Ben'll stay at home. Amsterdam might be a bad influence on such a spoiled boy like him. Danny- a sweet Koala- will go with me to the Netherlands.
Notes: Don't mistake a coffee shop for a café. People go to a café to enjoy a cup of coffee but go to a coffee shop to buy hemp.

 I'm now staying at Annette's Bed and Breakfast happily. There's a small kitchen in my room, so I can cook everyday and don't have to go out for a meal.

 Have you ever been in Amsterdam? Did you know, see, taste, try...?

 The House of Bols is a must-see for cooktail lovers. Is it a bar? No, it's a museum of cooktails and genever with a stylish bar, where you've got a cooktail for free.
I ordered one glass of Vanilla Berry Crush. It was tasty. Yummy!

Some souveniers I bought from the Van Gogh museum. Because the museum was crowded with visitors from many countries, it wasn't pleasant for me to stay longer in the museum shop.

 From my room, I could see the small garden in the courtyard of the guest house.

Mailboxes in the Netherland are painted with red. I don't like these funny, long mailboxes, but prefer the ones in Germany, which are yellow. Yellow is one of my favourite colours.
Now I knows, that TNT comes from the Netherlands.

 "De Molen De Gooyer"- the last windmill in Amsterdam, built in the 17th century.

 Friday, 15.10 was a really bad day. It rained cats and dogs all the time.

Begijnhof is a special courtyard middle in the city. Only women reside here. At Begijnhof, you'll see a lot of old houses, built from the 17th century. However, the house called Houten Huys (The Wood House), which were painted with black, originates from the second haft of the 15th century.

 A ship souvenir I bought from a ship shop owned by a German.

Amsterdam is crazy and international, and I love this city. There are some reasons why...

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