Monday, January 24, 2011

Tea and Melone Pan

I had a sketch session with a media design student at the zoo in Frankfurt on saturday. Later, we went to a japanese p√Ętisserie called Iimori to have a cup of tea. The sencha I ordered was served in a small cast iron teapot decorated with momiji motive. The waitresses in this café have lovely country-looked uniforms. What a charming p√Ętisserie!


  1. Like your drawings! I like tea too - and I wish I had some of the teacups you have - they are lovely. BTW - Earl Grey is my all time favorite along with green tea and white peony.

  2. I like drinking green tea. However, black tea like Earl Grey is always a nice treat :D

  3. Well done, Silent Snail! Another colorful and interesting sketch spread.