Friday, June 17, 2011

Longing for the sea

As a child, I used to live by the sea with my grandparents. At the beginning of my elementary school, I moved to another city. Since then, I've always longed for the sea.
I love all things related to our oceans: mysterious creatures of the sea, sounds of waves, sea shells, lighthouses, ship, navy uniforms, etc.
In the postcard, you can see a schoolgirl wearing sērāfuku (Japanese for "sailor outfit") and holding a French navy sailor hat with a red pompon. While looking at a painting hanging on the wall, in which a German lighthouse with red and white rings around the tower and Scarlet Sails-my favorite literature symbol of powerful love- from the children's book with the same name, written by the Russian writer Alexander Grin, are shown, she's picturing herself being surrounded by many beautiful citizens of the sea.

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