Friday, July 22, 2011

Thousand paper cranes

I made this small drawing last year. At that time I wanted to fold one thousand paper cranes.


  1. amazing! very love your artwork!

  2. It is a beautiful drawing that you did. I also have tryed to make a thousand paper cranes but i just did one hundred XD
    Would You give me your permission to publish it in tumblr? (I will give you all the credit)
    It is again a incredible drawing

    1. Dear Xzky,
      thank you for asking for my permission before you post a photo of my drawing in tumblr and sorry for my late answer, since I was on vacation!
      I'm very happy, since you have interest in my art works and want to share with your friends pictures of my drawings.
      Please send me the link to your tumblr!
      Warm regards